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Trump's golf plan has Scots teed off

ABERDEEN, Scotland - Donald Trump brought his brash style of corporate hard-sell to staid Scotland yesterday as he defended plans to build a $2 billion golf resort on an environmentally sensitive coastline, including shifting sand dunes that are home to some of the country's rarest wildlife, including skylarks, kittiwakes and badgers.

The property tycoon and showman, hearing environmental concerns from a panel of planners and lawyers, drew snickers when he said he knew more about the environment than his own environmental consultants. He said his golf course would be "the world's greatest" - better than the Royal & Ancient at St. Andrews, in Scotland.

The plans have met with opposition from environmentalists and a landowner who refuses to sell his run-down farm in the center of the estate the Trump Organization wants to develop, turning down a $690,000 offer.

- AP

France to block unseemly sites

PARIS - France signed an agreement with Internet service providers to block access to child pornography sites and content linked to terrorism and racial hatred, the interior minister said yesterday.

The plan will take effect in September and a blacklist will be compiled based on input from Internet users who flag sites containing offensive material, Interior Minister Michel Alliot-Marie said.

"Other democracies have done it. France could wait no longer," Alliot-Marie said. Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada and New Zealand are among other countries that have implemented similar measures.

- AP

Sex prisoner's child out of coma

VIENNA, Austria - The eldest daughter of a woman sexually assaulted and imprisoned in a cellar by her father for more than 20 years has been brought out of a medically induced coma, a hospital official said yesterday.

Kerstin Fritzl, one of seven children whom authorities say Josef Fritzl has confessed to fathering with his daughter, was taken to a hospital in April, unconscious and suffering from an unidentified infection. The 19-year-old "was able to leave the intensive-care unit several days ago," said a hospital statement.

Kerstin's hospitalization led to the unraveling of the elaborate crime. When doctors appealed on TV for her mother to come forward because they needed information about her medical history, Fritzl accompanied his daughter, 42-year-old Elisabeth, to the hospital April 26 and her story soon came to light.

- AP


Three residents of Lesbos

told a court that a gay-rights group insults the Greek island's identity by using the word


in its name. Lesbos was the home of the ancient poet Sappho, who praised love among women.

Authorities in Cape Town,

South Africa, vowed to challenge a court order to relocate 3,500 displaced immigrants from a camp with poor living conditions to community centers. Officials said moving them would risk exacerbating tensions with native South Africans.