VILSECK, Germany - A U.S. Army career soldier was convicted yesterday of murder in the execution-style slayings in spring 2007 of four bound and blindfolded Iraqi detainees.

Master Sgt. John Hatley, 40, and two others took the four men to a Baghdad neighborhood, shot them in the head, and dumped their bodies in a canal, prosecutors said. They said Hatley acted as "judge, jury and executioner" in hatching the plot.

An eight-member military jury in Germany found Hatley guilty of premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit premeditated murder after a three-day court-martial. But it acquitted him of premeditated murder in the January 2007 death of an Iraqi insurgent.

Hatley, who denied the charges, will be sentenced today. He could get life in prison without parole.

Two soldiers in his unit were convicted of the killings at courts-martial earlier this year. Two others pleaded guilty and were sentenced to prison last year in the incident, one to conspiracy to commit premeditated murder and one to accessory to murder.