Holloway suspect tied to new crime

LIMA, Peru - A young Dutchman who was arrested in the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway but never prosecuted is the prime suspect in the weekend slaying of a Peruvian woman, police said Wednesday.

Joran van der Sloot is being sought in the Sunday killing of Stephany Flores, 21, in a Lima hotel, Criminal Police Chief Gen. Cesar Guardia told a news conference. He said the suspect fled the country the next day by land to Chile.

The Dutch government said Interpol has issued an international arrest warrant for van der Sloot. Guardia said the 22-year-old Dutchman, who was in the country for a poker tournament, appears with the young woman in a video taken at a Lima casino early Sunday.

The killing occurred exactly five years after the May 30, 2005, disappearance of Holloway in Aruba, a Dutch Caribbean island. - AP

A hostage crew routs pirates

NAIROBI, Kenya - The crew of a Libyan-owned cargo ship pounced on their sleeping Somalian captors Wednesday, disarmed the pirates and killed five of them, regaining control of their vessel, which was hijacked Feb. 3, officials said.

A crew member of the MV Rim was seriously injured during the struggle, the European Union's antipiracy naval force said in a statement after it was alerted by the crew. A sixth pirate survived, according to Abdiaziz Aw Yusuf, district commissioner of Garacad, the coastal town near which the MV Rim has been anchored.

The EU force commander, Rear Adm. Jan Thornqvist, then sent the closest warship, the SPS Victoria, to provide medical assistance.

The number and nationalities of the Rim's crew were not known. - AP

Even bigger raise to stem suicides

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group, shaken by a spate of suicides at its plants in China, said Wednesday it was raising the pay of workers by 30 percent, a greater increase than the 20 percent it had initially announced.

The company, which makes iPhones, iPads, and other gadgets, said the pay increase would take effect immediately. The current basic monthly salary at Foxconn's China plants is 900 yuan, or $130.

"With the pay raise, we hope workers don't need to work overtime as much and thus gain more time for leisure and have a happier working environment," said a Foxconn official who asked for anonymity because he is not an authorized spokesman.

Ten workers have killed themselves and three have attempted suicide at Foxconn's operations in southern China this year, involving mainly workers who jumped from buildings. - AP


The current U.N. Security Council president, Mexico's U.N. Ambassador Claude Heller, said that members were making progress on the text of a resolution imposing new sanctions on Iran and that a vote was expected soon.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili won a huge vote of confidence in the former Soviet nation's first elections since he led it into a disastrous war against Russia in 2008. Election officials said Saakashvili's party won 65.6 percent of the vote in Sunday's municipal elections.