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Pakistani leader leaves hospital

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari was discharged from a hospital in Dubai on Wednesday and will stay in his house in the Gulf state before returning home, his spokesman said.

Zardari's illness and his sudden trip abroad have triggered rumors and media reports that Zardari, 56, could be set to resign, or even be ousted in a military coup. Officials have denied that, saying he would remain president of the nuclear-armed and politically unstable nation.

A close associate of Zardari has said the president suffered a "mini-stroke," but there has been no official diagnosis. A "mini-stroke" causes symptoms similar to a stroke but not as long-lasting.

Zardari was admitted to the hospital Dec. 6. - AP

Dictatorship victims found

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentine judicial officials say anthropologists have discovered a common grave with the remains of at least 15 people apparently slain by a military dictatorship.

The Argentine judicial system reported in a news release that forensic anthropologists found the remains at what was a major clandestine detention center holding suspected dissidents during the 1976-83 dictatorship. The investigators are helping a judge probe activities at a military arsenal in Tucuman state during an army crackdown on leftist guerrillas.

Rights groups say about 30,000 people were killed under the regime. - AP

Police accused of profiling

MADRID, Spain - Amnesty International on Wednesday accused Spanish authorities of using racial and ethnic profiling, with police singling out people who are not white in order to meet quotas.

In a new report, the human-rights group said some police stations in Madrid had weekly and monthly quotas for ID checks and detentions of immigrants not carrying residency papers or work permits, encouraging officers to target people belonging to ethnic minorities, even if they live in Spain legally as residents or are citizens.

A spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry on Wednesday said the ministry rejected the allegations and did not carry out racial profiling. She was not aware if ministry officials had received a copy of the Amnesty report. - AP

New drive to find Nazi criminals

BERLIN - The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Wednesday launched a drive to find and prosecute Nazi war criminals while they are still alive, saying a new legal precedent in Germany could make it possible to bring dozens of suspects to trial.

German prosecutors said in October the conviction of former Ohio autoworker John Demjanjuk allowed them to reopen hundreds of dormant investigations. - AP


Polar adventurers, scientists, and Norway's prime minister gathered at the bottom of the world Wednesday for the 100th anniversary of explorer Roald Amundsen's becoming the first to reach the South Pole.