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A royal funeral in Serbia

BELGRADE, Serbia - Serbia held a funeral Sunday for Yugoslavia's last king, Peter II Karadjordjevic, who had fled the country at the start of World War II and died in the United States in 1970.

The former king's remains, and those of his wife, mother, and brother, were interred in the family tomb at St. George Church in Oplenac, in a ceremony aired live on state television.

The funeral was attended by top state officials, who described it as an act of reconciliation and unity.

The former king fled Yugoslavia during its Nazi occupation and never returned because Communists took over after the war and abolished the monarchy. He died at age 47 and was buried at a Serbian Orthodox Church monastery in Libertyville, Ill. - AP

Colombia steps toward peace

BOGOTA, Colombia - In a milestone first step in efforts to end Latin America's longest-running insurgency, Colombia's largest rebel group and the government said Sunday in Havana that they had agreed on land reform, the first of six points that would make up an eventual peace deal.

The agreement on agrarian reform, considered a crucial element of any accord, is a boost for President Juan Manuel Santos, who last summer took the risky political move of restarting peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. The previous effort ended in failure in 2002.

FARC and the government said in a communique that they had agreed on "integrated rural reform." Among its features is a "land fund" into which millions of illegally obtained or underused acres would be put for eventual redistribution to displaced people and peasants. - L.A. Times

6 die, 6 missing in Kenya attack

NAIROBI, Kenya - Gunmen believed to be Somalian militants killed six people in an overnight attack on police posts near the border with Somalia, Kenya's police chief said Sunday.

David Kimaiyo, inspector general of Kenyan police, said that two of the victims in the attack were police officers and that six more are missing. The al-Qaeda-linked Somalian militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility in Twitter updates, saying it killed eight people in the cross-border attack and wounded more than a dozen. The militants also said they had seized two Kenyans, weapons, and ammunition.

The bodies of two administrative police and four civilians were discovered in the bush hours after the militiamen attacked the Abdisugow and Damajale police posts, Kimaiyo said. - AP


Tens of thousands of people protested against France's new gay-marriage law in Paris on Sunday, and police clashed with right-wing demonstrators. The law came into force over a week ago, but organizers decided to go ahead with the long-planned demonstration. As night fell, several hundred protesters clashed with police.