Court strikes down prostitution laws

Canada's highest court struck down the country's anti-prostitution laws Friday, a victory for sex workers who had argued that a ban on brothels and other measures made their profession more dangerous.

The court, ruling in a case brought by three women in the sex trade, struck down all three of Canada's prostitution-related laws: bans on keeping a brothel, making a living from prostitution, and street soliciting. The ruling won't take effect immediately, however, because the court gave Parliament a year to respond with new legislation.

- AP


New abortion limits

Spain's conservative government on Friday approved tight restrictions on abortion, allowing the practice only in the case of rape or when there is a serious health risk to the mother or fetus. The previous government made abortion widely legal before the 14th week only three years ago.

- AP

Barracks assaulted

Islamists on Friday attacked a tank battalion barracks in northeast Nigeria and set the complex ablaze, the military and witnesses said. An air raid and ground assault repelled the attack in Bama. - AP