FORMER REPUBLICAN state Sen. Jane Orie has agreed to be disbarred as a result of her conviction on campaign corruption charges, which also led to her resignation from office.

According to documents filed with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Orie submitted the resignation of her law license on Oct. 28. That resignation was accepted Wednesday by the Supreme Court.

In her resignation, Orie acknowledged she is the subject of a complaint pending before the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. That stemmed from her 2012 conviction on charges that she had her state-paid staff work on her political campaigns on state time and submitted forged documents to defend herself at her first trial in 2011 on the illegal campaigning charges, which ended in a mistrial.

Orie issued a statement in September saying that she would appeal her conviction in the federal courts after the state Superior and Supreme courts rejected her appeals. But dockets for federal courts that cover Pennsylvania show no appeal or notice of appeal has been filed.