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Climate talks likely to run into weekend

U.N. global warming talks seemed set to spill over into the weekend as negotiators bickered Friday over the content of climate action plans that countries should unveil in the run-up to a key summit in Paris next year.

The yearly U.N. climate meetings rarely close on time, and the two-week session in Lima was no exception as disputes that arose in the opening days remained unresolved by Friday's scheduled close.

"This will not be over today," Chinese delegate Zhang Jiutian said. "There are still some points in the agenda that need more discussion."

One of the thorniest issues in Lima was getting the more than 190 countries to agree on what information should go into the pledges that governments are supposed to put on the table for the global climate pact expected to be adopted in Paris.     - AP

Sedation for the ill

France's president wants to allow doctors to keep terminally ill patients sedated until death, amid a national debate about legalizing euthanasia. Francois Hollande stopped short Friday of recommending lethal injections and avoided the terms euthanasia and assisted suicide, highly sensitive issues in this majority-Catholic country.

- AP


Traffic is back

Traffic was back to normal Friday in Hong Kong's financial district after authorities demolished a protest camp at the heart of the city's 21/2-month pro-democracy movement. Hundreds of police officers, some armed with chain saws and bolt cutters, on Thursday dismantled barricades, tore down canopies, and removed banners in a daylong operation to shut the protest site sprawled across a normally busy highway.

- AP