- We know you are itching to know how President Obama spent the seventh day of his family's holiday vacation yesterday in Hawaii. After much digging, we came up with the itinerary:

Morning workout: Obama began his morning as he did many other days of his vacation by exercising at a gym at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. On the way back to the Kailua vacation home, a child sat on a shirtless man's shoulders watching the passing motorcade and children jumped on a trampoline on a gorgeous island day.

Beach time: Obama joined the first family and friends at the beach in the late morning under sunny skies at Bellows Air Force Station in Waimanalo.

Happy Kwanzaa: The president and first lady Michelle Obama sent prayers and best wishes to those celebrating Kwanzaa.

The Obamas said in a statement that the Kwanzaa celebration highlights the rich heritage of African-Americans. They say families come together on Kwanzaa to reflect on the past year's blessing and look forward to the promises that lie ahead next year.

Lucky guy: This wasn't on the itinerary, just an observation. The prez gets to spend Christmas in Hawaii because, well, he grew up there. He now hails from Chicago. Guess you can't blame him for choosing Honolulu over the Windy City in the dead of winter.