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U.S., Europe show solidarity on Iran

U.S. and European diplomats said Saturday that they are united in their strategy and goal in trying to achieve a nuclear deal with Iran.

"We are on the same page," Secretary of State John Kerry said after talks with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. "We know what we are chasing after and we are chasing after the same thing." Kerry and Fabius, who met with the British and German foreign ministers after their session, cited progress in the talks, with the last round just wrapping up Wednesday in Switzerland. But they also acknowledged big gaps that must be bridged if the sides are to reach a deal by the end-of-March deadline.

"There is progress in certain areas but there are also divergences," Fabius said. He said more work needed to be done on the length of the proposed agreement and on how to verify Iranian compliance. - AP

Plane missing a year

Families of passengers and crew on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are marking the anniversary of the plane's disappearance with a vow to never give up on the desperate search for wreckage and answers. Voice 370, which includes kin of the 239 people aboard, is hosting a "Day of Remembrance" at a mall in Kuala Lumpur. Also Sunday, the Malaysian government is releasing an interim investigation report. - AP


Documentary cut

A documentary about China's environmental woes that has been viewed hundreds of millions of times over the past week has been removed from Chinese websites. The 104-minute film, Under the Dome, could no longer be seen Saturday on popular Chinese video streaming sites. Former state television news reporter Chai Jing said she produced the movie to dramatize the health and societal costs of China's severe pollution. - AP