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At altar, add quiz, subtract bride

A bride walked out of her wedding after the groom failed to correctly answer a math problem she had asked him, police said Friday.

The bride asked the groom to add 15 and 6. When he replied 17, she called off the marriage.

She apparently suspected "that the groom was illiterate and, to everyone's surprise, posed the question right," said Pradeep Kumar, an officer of Karerampur village in Uttar Pradesh. Most marriages in India, especially in rural areas, are arranged by the families, and the bride and groom don't get to know each other well. - Deutsche Presse-Agentur


Battle in Tikrit

Iraqi troops clashed with Islamic State militants in the northern city of Tikrit on Friday, as pro-government forces tightened their grip on the extremist stronghold, officials said. Officials said Friday that the battle in Tikrit would likely extend into next week. - Washington Post

Netanyahu still lags

The last polls before the election, released Friday, found Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party still second to the alliance led by Isaac Herzog, raising the prospect of an upset. Under Israeli rules, no more polls can be published before Tuesday's vote. - McClatchy