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Thousands protest scholar's slaying

Several thousand Afghans took part in an unprecedented protest in Kabul Tuesday to demand the prosecution of the people who killed a female religious scholar after false allegations she had burned a Koran.

Farkhunda, 27, died Thursday after a mob beat, stoned, and ran over her with a car near a popular shrine in the Afghan capital. Her body was thrown into a river and set ablaze in the presence of policemen.

"We will turn to violent demonstrations unless the government prosecutes the culprits and policemen who enjoyed watching her killing," said Najia Ahmadi, a female demonstrator. Participants chanted "Death to the killers!" and "Justice for Farkhunda!"

Police haven't found evidence that Farkhunda burned a Koran, Interior Minister Noor-ul-Haq Ulumi has said. - Bloomberg News

Rebels advance

Forces loyal to Shiite rebels advanced deeper into southern Yemen, battling fighters supporting the president a day after Saudi Arabia warned it may act to restore stability in its neighbor. Six Houthi rebels and two fighters loyal to Saudi-backed President Abdurabuh Mansur Hadi were killed Tuesday in Ad-Dali' province, about 95 miles north of Aden, al-Masdar news website reported. - Bloomberg

Huge salamander

Fossil remains of a previously unknown species of a crocodile-like "super salamander" that grew as long as a small car and was a top predator more than 200 million years ago have been found in southern Portugal, researchers said Tuesday. The species, given the name metoposaurus algarvensis, was part of a wider group of amphibians that are the ancestors of modern amphibians such as frogs.

- AP