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California abduction case's new turns

Police contend the couple's tale was all a hoax. His lawyer, her uncle deny that.

VALLEJO, Calif. - The strange case of a California woman who disappeared for two days grew stranger Thursday, with her uncle and a lawyer for her boyfriend insisting she was kidnapped while police said it was a hoax.

Attorney Dan Russo said his client Aaron Quinn had good reason for not immediately calling police when his girlfriend was abducted early Monday: At least two kidnappers bound and drugged him.

Investigators said they were suspicious when Quinn, 30, took hours to report that strangers broke into his home, abducted Denise Huskins and demanded an $8,500 ransom.

But Russo said the strangers restrained Quinn and "forced him to drink something" they said was a drug.

Quinn was even prepared to pay the ransom by the kidnappers' deadline of noon Wednesday, but Huskins was reported safe by then, the attorney said.

Russo said investigators tested Quinn's blood to determine if he was drugged but haven't revealed the results. "We are as at sea as most of you as to what happened," he said, adding that Quinn "has no responsibility for what's going on."

Police could not immediately be reached for comment on his statements.

Huskins, 29, turned up Wednesday in Huntington Beach, about 400 miles from Vallejo. Hours later, police revealed they found no proof of a kidnapping and believed it was a hoax.

After the investigation turned to the couple, police said they were unable to contact Huskins or her family members. They also said she hired an attorney.

Russo said Thursday that his client has not been in contact with Huskins and is staying with family.

Jeff Kane, Huskins' uncle, told the Associated Press he was infuriated by the Vallejo Police Department's announcement that his niece's abduction was a hoax. He said police interviewed Huskins and her family for hours. "I believe when the truth comes out, people are going to look at each other and say, 'That is the most horrific story I've ever heard. I can't imagine what she's gone through."'