John Sheridan had five wounds - including three stab wounds - to neck and torso area. One wound to the neck perforated the jugular. He also had five broken ribs, consistent with a piece of an armoire falling on top of him.

John Sheridan's cause and manner of death: "Sharp force injuries and smoke inhalation." Suicide. Carbon-monoxide levels in his blood indicated he was alive after starting the fire.

Joyce Sheridan's wounds: Eight stab wounds to the head - including three stab wounds - and a stab wound to the chest. Cuts on hands characterized as "defensive."

Joyce Sheridan's cause and manner of death: Stab wound to chest that punctured the aorta. Homicide. She was dead before the fire was set.

Two knives were recovered at the scene - large carving knife used on Joyce Sheridan and large serrated bread knife not used on either Sheridan.

No weapon identified in report as the one that caused John Sheridan's wounds. Authorities noted a piece of metal that melted was stuck in the floor.

Crime scene confined to the master bedroom. Both John and Joyce Sheridan were found face up on the bedroom floor, John with piece of armoire atop him.

Knives, gas can, and matches "all belonged to the Sheridans."

No evidence of forced entry or intruder. Most doors to house were unlocked, which was typical, according to interviews.

Items found at house: Jewelry, cash, computers, electronics, antiques, cars. On bedroom nightstand: John Sheridan's wallet, watch, and cellphone. $950 in cash in bedroom.

John Sheridan showed "uncharacteristic demeanor" in the days leading up to Sept. 28, 2014, which appears to have been work-related. His wife, Joyce, was "worried and upset" because of his "atypical" behavior, according to people close to couple. John Sheridan was supposed to meet coworkers the day of his death.

Blood believed related to John and Joyce Sheridan found on underpants of John Sheridan.

Clippings and scrapings from Joyce Sheridan's fingernails indicated a male's DNA. "John Sheridan could not be excluded as a possible contributor."

SOURCE: Somerset County Prosecutor's Office