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Heavy rains blamed for at least 1 death

Kentucky was swamped by wave after wave of heavy rain, unleashing flash flooding that killed a woman swept into a creek, stranded a school bus, and forced more than 160 rescues in Louisville.

The rain started Thursday and continued Friday.

In Lee County, authorities searched for nine hours before finding the body of a woman whose car was swept away Friday.

In northern Kentucky, a school bus with 16 students aboard was stranded for about three hours by floodwaters. The students and bus driver eventually climbed up an embankment and walked about a half-mile to higher ground, where they were picked up. - AP

Escapee captured

A murderer who escaped from an Illinois prison by rendering a guard unconscious and stealing his uniform, keys, and SUV has been captured in Chicago, ending a nearly three-day manhunt. Kamron T. Taylor was being held on weapons charges. His aunt, a former guard at the jail, was charged with allegedly giving him information that aided his escape. - AP


Mom, pups now fine

An Idaho couple has nine new puppies after saving a pregnant dog that was shot and left to die. Beth Stenberg saw the border collie in the grass on the side of I-15 and realized it had been shot. A vet said most of the splintered bullet had to remain in the dog's back and shoulders. - AP