Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson - fresh from a recent visit to two Syrian refugee camps in Jordan - called Sunday for the United States and its international allies to focus on supporting existing facilities that shelter those who have fled the Syrian civil war.

"We're hearing that they all want to come here to the United States. And that's not what they want. They want to go back home," Carson said Sunday on ABC's This Week, live from Amman, Jordan. "But they said the United States and other nations could be much more supportive of the herculean efforts manifested by the Jordanians in taking in people at a lot of expense to themselves."

"And they cannot continue that without help from the international community," he added.

The retired neurosurgeon's surprise visit to the Middle Eastern country this weekend came amid intense scrutiny over his grasp of foreign policy issues, which have gained more urgency among voters since the attacks in Paris earlier this month. Carson has seen his standing in polls fall sharply since the attacks, with many critics suggesting that he is not ready for the presidency.

Carson repeatedly stated during interviews on four Sunday talk shows that the refugees with whom he met said the U.S. government can best help by supporting the Jordanian government in maintaining and improving the camps. He added that other countries in the region also should be asked to step in and accept a greater number of refugees, which would keep them near their home country.