Hundreds of police officers from around the country descended on Western Pennsylvania Friday to pay tribute to an officer killed a week ago while responding to a domestic dispute.

St. Clair Police Officer Lloyd Reed Jr., 54, never sought credit for the work he did, friends and colleagues said at his funeral, held at the Cambria County War Memorial, a hockey arena in Johnstown. Friends recalled how Reed would help fix a broken-down car, search for a lost dog, or help someone with a medical problem during his shifts. Reed had spent 20 years with another local police department. It disbanded, and he took the part-time job in St. Clair.

"Lloyd died the way he lived - trying to help somebody," St. Clair Police Capt. Donald Hess said. "He demonstrated incredible courage during his last call."

Ray Shetler Jr., 31, is charged with killing Reed, who is survived by his wife of 15 years, Rose Reed. - AP