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In '15, over a million refugees entered

More than one million people driven out of their countries by war, poverty, and persecution entered Europe in 2015, the Swiss-based International Organization for Migration said Tuesday.

With just days left in 2015, IOM said 1,005,504 people had entered Europe as of Monday, more than four times as many as last year. Almost all came by sea, while 3,692 others drowned trying to make the crossing.

Another 11 people, including three children, drowned Tuesday after their boat capsized while crossing the Aegean Sea, according to Turkish media.

The IOM compiles the numbers from government records in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Malta, and Cyprus, spokesman Joel Millman said. He noted that the real number of people entering Europe may be even larger, because authorities are struggling to track all arrivals given the sheer volume. About half of the people entering Europe were Syrians, while 20 percent were Afghans and 7 percent Iraqis, IOM said. - AP


Pro-Russian forces said to violate truce

Pro-Russian militants entered the Ukrainian village of Kominternovo, about 6.2 miles east of the Black Seacoast city of Mariupol, on Tuesday, violating an internationally supported truce by moving into the so-called demilitarized "gray zone," military spokesman Pavlo Parfenyuk said in a phone interview.

"We noticed this morning that a small group with 122- millimeter mortars entered the village in military vehicles and tanks," he said.

The dividing line between Ukraine and territories outside state control was established during truce talks in Minsk, Belarus, early this year.

- Bloomberg


Mountain of waste blamed for landslide

Authorities blamed an enormous, man-made mountain of soil and waste for Sunday's collapse of nearly three dozen buildings that left 76 people missing in Shenzhen. Rescuers excavating the mud-drenched mess recovered one body early Tuesday, the landslide's first confirmed death.

They later pulled out a survivor, a 19-year-old man, who was in stable condition and undergoing surgery after 60 hours in the muck. The body of a man killed in the landslide was found next to him.

The landslide Sunday covered 450,000 square yards with silt 33 feet deep, authorities said. At least 16 were hospitalized, including children, Xinhua said. - AP


'Graceland' changes name after lawsuit

Denmark's Elvis museum, a replica of Presley's mansion in Memphis, is changing its name after a lawsuit for infringement of the "Graceland" trademark.

Henrik Knudsen, who opened Graceland Randers in 2011, says Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. demanded the name change and $220,000.

The Danish replica, twice the size of the original, is in Randers, 130 miles northwest of Copenhagen. It houses Knudsen's Elvis collection. Knudsen said he will change the name to Memphis Mansion. - AP