President Trump supporter Scott Baio — otherwise known as Chachi on Happy Days and Charles from Charles in Charge — caused a Category 3 Twitterstorm on Thursday morning when he retweeted a Sandy Hook conspiracy meme that suggested Donna Soto, mother of murdered Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto, and Susan Bro, mother of Charlottesville, Va., victim Heather Heyer, were both portrayed by the same actress.

Because, you know, in the chosen photos, they look alike.

No matter one's views on political issues, it is a fact that 26 real people, including 20 real children, were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, and that Heather Heyer was killed this month in Charlottesvillle while protesting a white supremacist rally.

It's absurd that we have to waste time refuting such nonsense.  The conspiracy theorists conveniently ignore how many people would have to take part in such a plot — work colleagues, relatives, friends, classmates, first responders, etc. They believe the same geniuses of deception who managed to fake the moon landing and blow up the World Trade Center from inside would then be so incompetent as to hire the same actress — twice! — to play two different grieving mothers in two different cities five years apart.

See, that's the problem. He didn't post the lunacy. He retweeted it.

But the Twitter account for Victoria Soto's Memorial Fund had had enough — again.

Baio later took down the post and issued one of those popular non-apology apologies — without the words "I'm sorry."

It was.