A former officer for the Transportation Security Administration admitted in U.S. District Court yesterday that he stole laptop computers and a video-game system from passengers he was screening at Philadelphia International Airport, authorities said.

Troy Davis, 36, of Willingboro, was screening checked luggage at Terminal A on March 31 when an airline baggage handler spotted him removing a laptop from a suitcase. Davis hid the computer behind an explosive-detection machine, closed the suitcase, and put the bag in an area to be loaded onto a baggage cart, said federal prosecutors.

The baggage handler notified supervisors, who discovered four laptops and a game console hidden behind the explosive-detection machine. When confronted, Davis admitted to the thefts and also confessed to stealing a computer the previous month, prosecutors said.

Davis, who pleaded guilty to theft by a government employee and theft from interstate or foreign shipments by carrier, is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 19. - Sam Wood