Jury deliberation began Wednesday in the U.S. District Court trial of two former Camden police officers charged with violating the constitutional rights of people involved in 13 police actions during 2008 and 2009.

Antonio Figueroa, 35, and Robert Bayard, 33, who were members of the Special Operations Unit, are accused of falsifying reports, planting evidence, and taking money from drug dealers. Three officers facing similar charges have pleaded guilty.

Bayard's attorney, Robert N. Agre, told jurors in his closing argument it was "absurd" to believe Bayard started breaking the law three days after he was assigned to the unit in 2008, as prosecutors have contended.

Agre decried the three officers, who testified against Bayard, as liars. "If they told you what time it was, you'd look at your watch," he said.

Deliberations are set to continue Thursday. - Nathan Gorenstein