EVEN WorldStarHipHop .com, a site that posts videos of booty-grabbers, subway fellatio and a "lady at Walmart Tripping Out On Meth," wondered whether a woman in Camden had gone too far with her fists.

As of last night, the website had more than 1.3 million views on the bloody video (NSFW), titled "Crossed The Line? Camden Girl Puts A Serious Hurting On Another Woman For Laying Hands On Her Child," since it was posted last month.

If you watch it at work, turn down the volume and stop eating.

"You done? Or you want some more lumps?" a woman referred to as "Cassandra" asks a woman wearing a pink top after she finishes pummeling her.

More lumps come when Cassandra, holding a fistful of ponytail, slams the woman's face into the linoleum floor with a thud that echoes in the hallway. When blood starts flowing, the onlookers get nervous about cops and tell Cassandra to get off the woman.

"Let her f---ing go, man," says a man who steps between them.

The video's description on the website says that "this went down in Camden, NJ." Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson said his department is investigating.

One law-enforcement source and some online commenters who viewed the video said it appeared to be filmed inside Northgate I, an infamous apartment tower at the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridge. In recent weeks, church groups and Northgate residents have been vocal about the living conditions, claiming residents have had a combined "4,788 visits" to emergency rooms over a six-year period because of mold, power outages and "general neglect."

"Living conditions are leaving a hole in residents' lives," the Rev. Heyward Wiggins of Camden Bible Tabernacle said in a news release. "It is important that we do not fill that hole with negativity, self-destructive behavior, anger or violence."

Although the video's title suggests that the incident stemmed from one woman "laying hands" on the other woman's child, children aren't mentioned in the footage and none can be seen or heard in the background.

"This was just an assault," one commenter wrote on WorldHipHopStar.com. "I really hate to see people do this."

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