The Philadelphia area had one of its coldest February-March periods on record this year, but police say four Gloucester County residents still found a use for dozens of air-conditioning units.

Between Feb. 19 and March 29, nearly 50 air conditioners were stolen from buildings and sold for cash at scrap yards, according to Gloucester Township and Washington Township police.

Police said four people have been arrested: Paul Burke, 29, of Franklinville; Mark Hendricks, 29, of Malaga; Amanda DiCicco, 24, of Sewell; and Jessica Belh, 19, of Monroeville.

The four would disconnect the units, dismantle them, and take the copper and other metal parts to scrap yards to collect cash, police said.

Authorities said 24 units were taken from 12 victims in the Lakeside Business Park off Williamstown Road in Gloucester Township, Camden County. Another 24 units were stolen from four locations in Washington Township, Gloucester County.

The four are facing charges of theft and criminal mischief.