A Gloucester County couple who had to leave their wedding reception early when the bride suffered an allergic reaction is about to get a free do-over.

Victoria Tumolo was dancing at the September reception at Auletto's Caterers in Deptford when she had trouble breathing.

As a nurse, she realized what was happening. Soon her father was administering an EpiPen through her wedding dress. She was rushed to a hospital.

"Not exactly what I was imagining for our wedding night," said her husband, Dominic Tumolo.

Sympathizing with the newlyweds' plight, the caterer and the entertainment company that put on the wedding teamed up to provide a free second reception to be held Sunday. A least 150 of the 250 guests who attended the first reception were expected to attend.

Volunteers will do the bride's hair and makeup, and the wedding photographer will also return at no cost. The Clayton couple are also looking forward to finally cutting a wedding cake together.

In an interiew with the Courier-Post of Cherry Hill, Victoria Tumolo says she has learned that she's allergic to milk and almonds and that the symptoms manifest after exercise (in this case, dancing).

She was treated and released, but the couple missed the rest of the reception.