Five juveniles were arrested Tuesday night after police responded to a large disturbance involving anywhere from 700 to 1,000 "unattended" youths at the Cherry Hill Mall.

Cherry Hill Police said those arrested included four juveniles from Camden and one from Cherry Hill. Charges included disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, police said.

There were no injuries and no damage, police said Wednesday morning.

Two videos posted on Facebook showed a large number of juveniles inside the mall. One of the videos showed a young male kicking the glass door of a store while others are standing around. Many Facebook commenters described the incident as a flash mob, but very few indicated they had actually witnessed what happened at the mall.

One woman said on Facebook she was at the mall when police ordered the juveniles to leave.

"I spot a group of maybe 20 cops on loud speaker telling all under the age of 18 without a grownup to exit the mall NOW!" she wrote.

Last week, Cherry Hill Police Chief William " Bud" Monaghan warned that there was a widespread problem of parents dropping their children off at malls unattended on the day after Christmas.

Monaghan warned that his officers would be patrolling inside the mall and in the parking lot to deter such activity.