With 126,000 Twitter followers, Mary Lee — the great white shark social media darling — has a hard time eluding fans.

The 16-foot shark, however, has been missing since her last ping June 17 off the Jersey Shore, where she seems to enjoy summers, according to OCEARCH, a nonprofit organization that tags and studies great white sharks.

After the great white was tagged in 2012, the shark has surfaced regularly along the Eastern Seaboard and visited Bermuda while  logging more than 40,000 miles. Her fans were hoping for a position report since Shark Week kicked off Sunday.

Instead, Hilton, a shark originally tagged in South Carolina, got the attention, surfacing off Atlantic City's coast last Friday as he was traveling north toward Rhode Island, according to OCEARCH.

The sharks are tracked by devices attached to their dorsal fins that send a signal when they surface.

The absence of any tracker pings from the 3,500-pound shark in nearly five weeks is causing concern. With worry mounting among social media followers, also including on Facebook and Instagram, @MaryLeeShark took a positive spin, launching a Twitter survey asking followers to vote where she might surface next.

"Instead of needless worry, let's do a poll," said the post, which for reasons unexplained did not include the Jersey Shore as a possible location despite her fondness for its waters.

Mary Lee’s Twitter Account
Mary Lee’s Twitter Account

When the polls closed Tuesday evening, 2,123 people had voted with 45 percent guessing Cape Cod would be the next ping, 26 percent saying the Hamptons, 18 percent picking Cape Hatteras, and 14 percent going with Savannah, Ga.

Although no signals have been received, Mary Lee's Twitter handler responded to messages sent by a reporter.

"If history is any indicator, my money would be on the Jersey Shore," said the Tuesday message.

Mary Lee, the message added, was also fond of "feasting in the bountiful waters off Savannah."