Two men accused of conspiring to get an unloaded pistol onto a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix on Thursday were released on bail, the FBI said Friday.

Passenger Damien Young, 29, was released on $50,000 bail and US Airways customer service agent Roshid Milledge, 38, on $10,000 bail.

The men were roommates in Philadelphia, and Young was moving to Phoenix. Early Thursday, Milledge, who works at Philadelphia International Airport, got a piece of his roommate's carry-on luggage to the boarding gate without going through security, the FBI said. Young, meanwhile, took a similar bag through security. The men switched bags at the gate - Young taking the one containing a 9mm pistol. Another passenger noticed the switch and raised concerns, and Flight 1195 was stopped and searched.

Milledge's lawyer, Carina Laguzzi, declined to comment Friday. Young is represented by the federal Public Defender's Office, which does not comment on its clients. - AP