Delaware County Republican leader Thomas J. Judge Sr., who had said he would step down in June, told party leaders last week that he would hold on to his position until Nov. 10, a week after municipal elections.

Judge also established a board of three people to oversee the election of the interim chairman, who will serve the remainder of Judge's term, which ends in 2012.

John McNichol, who heads the Upper Darby GOP, will lead the committee. McNichol will set rules for nominating the interim chairman and determine who among committee members will vote, the party said in a statement Friday. Kenneth Miller of Concord and Michael Puppio of Springfield also will be on the election board.

Judge, who has led the party for 34 years, said Friday that he was staying on to keep leadership of the party continuous through the election. He said he had created the committee so he "would not be accused of trying to run certain things." - Joelle Farrell