A former worker in the Philadelphia Records Department was charged yesterday with taking fees to prepare about 100 unauthorized deeds, teaching one person how to prepare fake deeds, and helping that person file the phony documents.

Ramon Pabon, 62, allegedly used his home computer to facilitate the scheme. "Some owners of the property were victimized as they were unaware that their properties had been sold," according to the charges in federal court.

Investigators said Pabon had admitted he helped prospective buyers find owners of properties they were interested in, helped people wanting to sell their homes find buyers, and prepared deeds. He was paid $200 to $250 above the $156.50 fee paid to the city by the property owner, according to authorities.

City Inspector General Amy Kurland said in a statement that Records Commissioner Joan Decker was beefing up security standards in the Recorder of Deeds Office, where Pabon worked as a title registration aide. She declined to say whether other arrests were planned, but said the investigation was continuing. - Nathan Gorenstein