City Council passed a bill Thursday to give a trash-fee rebate to owners of condominiums who do not receive city garbage pickup.

The bill, sponsored by Councilman James F. Kenney, passed, 12-5, but Mayor Nutter is likely to veto the measure or let it die without his signature.

Councilman Bill Green called the legislation "a tax refund creating no jobs" and "bad policy." He said: "No one person benefits enough . . . to make it worthwhile to set a precedent to reimburse them for an unused service. What about citizens who don't use the school system or police or fire?"

But Kenney said it was "an issue of basic fairness. . . . I don't think someone getting $100 credit on their real estate tax bill is a Pandora's box of any kind. It's a little Chicken Little-ish to be running around saying that." - Troy Graham