Two Philadelphia brothers have been charged with taking part in a "chop shop" operation that involved stealing possibly hundreds of cars, police said. Alexander Lebron-Lopez, 34, and Eduardo Ramos-Nasario, 30, were arrested Tuesday on charges of theft and conspiracy for their part in the theft of 71 cars since August, said Philadelphia Lt. Ray Evers. Police have recovered 83 stolen cars but believe the men may have taken hundreds more, Evers added.

Police said the brothers operated the ring out of their houses. The men targeted Honda Accords, which police said are known to be easy to steal. They took mostly models from 1996 or 1997, police said, and resold the cars' catalytic converters, which contain platinum that can be worth as much as $300. The men also resold batteries, rims, radios and other parts. The men then resold the parts and dumped the cars elsewhere, Evers said.

The cars were taken from parking lots and streets all across the city, but mostly from the Northeast. - Allison Steele