Elkins Park is abuzz over a social media report that a bald eagle took down a fox at Ogontz Park this week.

"Hey Folks, if you walk your dog at Ogontz Field, keep an eye on the sky. An eagle just took down a full grown fox at second base," James Amons wrote on the Elkins Park Happenings Facebook page Monday.

The post received dozens of comments, ranging from laments over the fox's reported demise, to circle-of-life philosophizing to off-topic mentions of a certain game this weekend and where to find the best cheesesteaks.

Amons, who did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment, assured questioners that there was "no doubt" it was a bald eagle, an identification seconded by another poster, Ann Mosher. Some posters demanded photos. (The only images posted so far are those of the remains of fox that had fallen victim to a raptor in Elkins Park a few years ago.)

Others commenting on the post used the story to remind pet owners, as Amons did, to be sure their cats and small dogs are safe.

Earlier this month, a small dog that was snatched by an eagle was reunited with its owners after a woman found the bichon frise abandoned on a roadway.