Slabs of "sacred" granite from LOVE Park reportedly have been sent to Sweden for use in a skateboarding project.

CBS3 reports that Malmö, a city that embraces skateboarding, is the recipient of the slabs.

LOVE Park is being rebuilt and Gustav Svanborg-Edén, Skate Malmö's coordinator, told CBS3 that "the skating world has lost something," with the demise of Love Park as a skateboarding venue, albeit an unauthorized one.

CBS3 said Franklin Paine's Skatepark Fund is the custodian of about 250 tons of granite from the park and arranged to send it to Malmö.

"Well, of course it's sacred and to share that with another city making a skate park that used that granite was very attractive to us," Josh Nims, the fund's founder, told the television station.

Svanborg-Edén has not yet disclosed how the granite will be used but asserted it will be special.