Fewer than 24 hours before the Super Bowl champion Eagles were set to appear at the White House for what has become a traditional celebration, President Trump abruptly rescinded the invitation Monday. Here are a few things to know about the situation.

The cancellation

• The White House said Monday night that Trump canceled the event because the whole team did not plan to attend and because members of the team "disagree with their President because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart."

• In a statement Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blamed an attempt to by the Eagles to reschedule the event for the cancellation. The statement did no address any issue involving the national anthem.

• A team source said fewer than 10 Eagles players planned to attend along with owner Jeffrey Lurie, who, in a recording that was made last year and became public in April, had called the Trump's presidency "disastrous."

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The background

• In the 2017 season, no Eagle took a knee during a regular season or playoffs. Malcolm Jenkins raised his fist as a form of protest, but stopped midway through the regular season.

• The White House visit had been a sensitive topic since the Eagles won the Super Bowl in February, and it wasn't clear they were going to be invited until last month. Since then, the team has released little information about preparations for the visit.

What happened Tuesday 

• Instead of honoring the Eagles at 3 p.m., the White House staged a "Celebration of America" featuring the Marine Corps Band and the U.S. Army Choir.

• Instead of visiting the White House, the Eagles practiced as part of the offseason's voluntary Organized Team Activities. Players are scheduled to speak to the media Wednesday.

• Before he hit the field, Chris Long video-chatted with a group of middle school students about a charity the class raised money for.

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The reaction

• Democratic politicians in Pennsylvania reacted to the the cancellation of the event by blasting Trump, with Mayor Kenney calling the president "a fragile egomaniac."

The impact on other teams

• The NBA Finals could be decided as soon as this weekend. Will the eventual champion visit the White House? Stars of both teams told the media Tuesday that they weren't interested.

• Speaking of other White House visits: the Villanova men's basketball team has yet to be invited after winning the 2018 NCAA men's title. If they get an invite, will they go? In previous statements, coach Jay Wright has been diplomatic.

What our columnists say

• Will Bunch is disappointed. He wanted Carson Wentz to go to the White House and teach Donald Trump about leadership.

• George Parry, on the other hand, thinks Trump made the absolute correct call about the Eagles' visit.

• Solomon Jones thinks Trump should just leave the Eagles out of his political theater — after all, haven't Eagles fans suffered enough?

• But in the end, Mike Newall writes, Trump can't ruin this for Philly. Go Birds.