The primary election vote count still is not complete and probably will not be final until Thursday.

Two races are too close to call. They are the GOP mayoral race between Karen Brown and John Featherman and the Democratic Second District Council race between Kenyatta Johnson and Barbara Capozzi.

As of 2 p.m. today, the City Commissioners had reported vote tallies from all but 57 of the city's 1,687 precincts. Four of the unreported precincts are in the Second District.

It is not clear yet when the commissioners will report the tallies from the remaining districts.

Election officials say it will be Wednesday at the earliest before absentee and provisional ballots are opened and counted. Of the 1,459 absentee ballots to be counted citywide, 158 are from the Second District. Also, there are 214 provisional ballots citywide.

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