MAYOR NUTTER appointed Julia Chapman, legislative director for the first two years of his administration, to chair the Zoning Board of Adjustment yesterday.

Chapman, Nutter's longtime chief of staff during his City Council days, will replace Lynette Brown-Sow, who became chairwoman of the Philadelphia Housing Authority on Friday.

"Throughout my many years of public service, I have been keenly aware of the critical role the Zoning Board of Adjustment plays in balancing neighborhood preservation and the economic growth of the city while insuring the integrity of the zoning code," Chapman said in a statement.

Chapman left the administration abruptly in 2009, during a turbulent period for the administration. The move fueled speculation that she was asked to resign, but Nutter said she left on her own accord.

The zoning board reviews applications for appeals, variances and special exceptions to the zoning code, which was recently overhauled. The board's current members, also appointed by the mayor, are Carol Tinari, Martin Bednarek, Sam Staten Jr. and Greg Pastore.

Board members are compensated $100 per meeting, with a maximum of $22,000 per year.