CITY COUNCIL will contribute nearly $3.6 million from its capital budget over three years to pay for the installation of cameras at playgrounds and recreation centers throughout Philadelphia.

The idea, spearheaded by Councilwoman Cindy Bass, follows what was a violent summer last year that included a spate of shootings and a rape at city parks and recreation centers.

"The idea is that we want safe and secure environments for our young people," said Bass, who will announce the program at a news conference today. "The bottom line is that if you plan to come to any of our parks and recreation centers or playgrounds and do any sort of mischievous activity, please know that you're going to be caught and it's going to be seen on tape."

Last year only four of the city's 150 public rec centers had security cameras. Council members from the 10 districts each get $1.2 million a year in discretionary capital funds, which are often used for projects like improvements to rec centers. Each member will contribute $120,000 annually toward the camera program.

Under Council's initiative, four to eight cameras will be installed and begin recording at 162 recreation centers and playgrounds based on the size of the facility.