GOV. CORBETT, already beset by a porn scandal, yesterday pitched on live television a state website listing jobs . . . for, among others, porn actresses, strippers and prostitutes.

Debating Democrat Tom Wolf for the second time, Corbett repeatedly mentioned a website listing 250,000 available jobs.

The state's pulls content from other job boards, including

Here are a few of the Craigslist options that came up on the state website:

* "Casting Couch - Looking for M.I.L.F.S . . . hot mom & daughter combos!!! Young busty females between 18-45. Please attach pic. Thank you ladies!!!"

* "VIP Hostess - I have two visiting VIP gentlemen coming to town. Need a couple of female hostesses to join them for cocktailing, dinner and clubbing. Send me a couple of pictures of yourself - under 30 please, if you are highly attractive and in need of $$ . . . "

* "Bachelor Party - Looking for one or two dancers for a bachelor party in June. Please send photos and other info/rates."

* "Dancing - We are planning a private party for 15 to 20 guys, looking for 2 girls to dance for us. Cash plus tips."

* There were also four listings for "Car Dates," a euphemism for car-based prostitution.

The Campaign for a Fresh Start, a political-action committee founded by Wolf, directed reporters to the job postings shortly after the debate.

Corbett's staff noted that the state website tells visitors they are being redirected to outside websites when they click on a job posting. But the same content from those outside websites also appeared on the state web site.

Julia Hearthway, the secretary of Labor and Industry, yesterday told reporters a computer program is used to "scrub" inappropriate content from the website.

She called it "disappointing" that the postings, now removed, drew so much media attention.

"We can't filter out everything," Hearthway said.

Corbett's campaign also expressed dismay.

"It is unfortunate that rather than talk about hundreds of thousands of good family-sustaining jobs, Tom Wolf is focusing on a handful of glitches in an algorithm that aggregated hundreds of thousands of jobs from many national employment websites, including Monster and Craigslist," Corbett campaign spokesman Chris Pack said.

Corbett was asked during the debate about state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who last week put on display for the media a selection of hard-core pictures and videos shared on state computers and email accounts by Corbett's top deputies when he was attorney general.

Corbett, who has requested copies of all the emails, said he didn't know about the porn sharing.

Some of the deputies with porn in their archived in-boxes went on to top jobs when Corbett became governor in 2010.