ARLINGTON, Texas - It's not as if the Dallas Cowboys have never had company from an A-list celebrity. Divas from Joey Heatherton to Carrie Underwood received all kinds of notoriety from their associations with "America's Team."

The latest nationally known fan to draw attention with an affinity to the Cowboys is Gov. Christie, who was in attendance for Dallas' 42-7 win Sunday against the Colts, much to the delight of owner Jerry Jones.

"Frankly, he has the makings of a top football coach," Jones said. "He has the temperament. He's not afraid of competition, and he's smart as a whip."

The temperament, some think, to someday get to the Oval Office. But after the game, New Jersey's governor simply walked out of the Dallas locker room with little fanfare, accompanied by no one, wearing an orange sweater and blue scarf and donning a baseball cap.

"I've been a Cowboys fan since I was 9 years old, and so I got to know Jerry a number of years ago, and I've been friends ever since with the whole family," Christie said.

Christie has taken his share of grief, from Bridgegate to Ebola quarantines, but he laughs at the recent criticism he has taken over the Cowboys.

"Passionate sports fans are passionate sports fans," he said. "It's really great to have folks who are passionate. Eagles fans are passionate, Cowboys fans are passionate. I don't take any of it to heart, and I don't take any offense to it, and I don't worry about it."

Jones emphasized how comfortable he is around Christie.

"First off, he is informed, he knows the team, and I just sit there and talk with him just like I were sitting there talking to Jason [Garrett]."

And Christie, for his part, believes it's ridiculous to think he may have lost any voter support in southern New Jersey by rooting for the Cowboys.

"The people in southern New Jersey know what the real issues are," he said. "The Eagles are fun, the Cowboys are fun, but this isn't about affecting anyone's lives. I'm just glad the Cowboys won the division, and I wish the Eagles the best of luck next year."