Mayor-elect Jim Kenney announced Monday that Anne Fadullon will be the city's first director of planning and development.

It's a post that Fadullon, a longtime development professional, encouraged voters to create.

Currently director of development for DALE Corp., a construction management and consulting firm, Fadullon previously worked as director of development for the Redevelopment Authority under Mayor Ed Rendell. She was the first female president of the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia in the organization's 78-year history.

"Anne's diverse accomplishments in both public and private-sector development make her the ideal choice," Kenney said in a news release. "I'm confident that her nearly three decades of experience in city planning, real estate development, legislative policy, project financing, and overall project management will create the cross-department coordination that is much needed in this area of the city."

Fadullon, 52, will report to the mayor and oversee the city's planning, zoning, development services, and housing and community development functions. The cabinet position was created through a change in the City Charter to consolidate services, approved by voters in November.

City Council President Darrell L. Clarke proposed the reorganization last year, in part because of concerns raise by professionals such as Fadullon about difficulties for developers in navigating city government. The position comes with a $150,000 annual salary.

"Every Philadelphian whose quality of life has been affected by construction has been touched by planning decisions," Clarke said in a release congratulating Fadullon. "Every developer who has lost time and money waiting for City Hall's permission to continue working has been affected by the bureaucracy governing such decisions."

In October, Fadullon asked Philadelphians to vote to create the job she will hold in an op-ed essay coauthored by Rick Sauer, executive director of the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations.

"For too long, offices involved in development have rowed in different directions and not communicated with each other," the article said. "This has not only stifled growth, but caused confusion that allowed city government to evade accountability. If Ballot Question No. 2 is approved, the buck will stop with the department head who reports directly to the mayor."

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