A jury this month awarded developer Ori Feibush $34,000 in his lawsuit against City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, but the city could be on the hook for far more.

Feibush's lawyer has filed a motion seeking $116,393.12 in attorney fees. That covers 187.1 hours of work - plus a 25 percent bonus.

"The total number of hours worked is more than reasonable," Feibush's attorney, Wally Zimolong, wrote in the motion, filed Monday. "This litigation lasted for over a year. ... Indeed, the actual total number of hours expended by counsel for Feibush is likely much higher."

Feibush, who last year tried to unseat Johnson in the Democratic primary, accused the councilman of blocking his attempts to buy two city-owned properties in 2013, calling it political retribution. Johnson denied the claims and said he held the properties for an affordable housing initiative.

The jury, after a little more than two hours of deliberations, sided with Feibush but awarded him a fraction of the $275,000 in damages he sought.

Judge Wendy Beetlestone, who presided over the case, will now weigh the motion for attorney fees.

The amount requested by Feibush includes $93,114.50 in hourly rate, plus a 25 percent bonus allowed in cases where the quality of the services provided was superior to what could have been expected based on the lawyer's hourly rate.

"Feibush received [exceptional] service from counsel," Zimolong wrote in justifying the additional fee. "The issue before the jury was also a novel one and obtained a unique result."

Johnson's attorney, John Coyle, declined to comment, pending posttrial appeal motions he said would be filed shortly.