Fund-raising for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has been a tougher slog this year than in the past, but convention host committee chair Ed Rendell says he expects to meet the party's financial targets by the time the convention opens two months from now.

The party plans to raise some $64 million for the conclave, which will run July 25-28. Rendell said Saturday the party was $9 million to $10 million short of that goal now.

Rendell attributed the difficulty to congressional budget cuts - lawmakers once appropriated $18 million each to the Republican and Democratic conventions, but no more - and a drop in corporate giving.

Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania and former mayor of Philadelphia, asserted that some companies have declined to give to Republicans for their convention in Cleveland in reaction to presumptive nominee Donald Trump's derisive remarks about Muslims and Mexicans. They have stopped giving to Democrats as well in order not to appear one-sided, Rendell said.

The city in the past had contributed money - some $7.5 million for the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in 2000.

But given the school-funding crisis, the city is not in a position to do that now, Rendell said.

"We are not having real trouble raising money, but it is more difficult than it has been in the past," he said.

Rendell said he expected to close that gap soon.

"When I was a candidate, I think of how much I raised in the last 60 days - and $9 million doesn't seem like a lot," he said.