The day that many conservatives anticipated with dread came to pass over the weekend.

House Speaker John Boehner's daughter tied the knot in Florida on Friday night with a Rastafarian construction worker.

Linsay Boehner, 35, wed Dominic Lakhan, 38, under heavy security at a luxury B&B in Palm Beach County during a sunset ceremony, according to Jose Lambiet's GossipExtra.

According to Lambiet:

John Boehner, a congressman from Ohio, wore a grey suit that matched the groom's but quickly shed his jacket. ... The ceremony took place under heavy security as wedding guests were handed blue wristbands to differentiate them from diners at the hotel's restaurant.

At least a dozen plainclothes lawmen milled about the hotel grounds to keep photographers at bay as a helicopter hovered above. The blinds at the restaurant were pulled down and the diners who wanted to lift them up to watch the wedding were told they couldn't.

Lakhan, originally from Jamaica, looked sharp with three-and-a-half foot dreadlocks spilling down his back. The bride wore a white strapless gown that exposed her arm-band tattoo.

Lakhan reportedly was arrested for marijuana possession in 2006 after a traffic stop turned up 4 grams of pot. His new father-in-law is adamantly against all uses of the plant, including for medicinal purposes.

The couple lives in Delray Beach.

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