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Latest source of voter ID misinformation: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, the millennial-oriented retailer known for graphic T-shirts and vintage-inspired accessories, this morning apologized for releasing an election guide to its 1.1 million Twitter followers that contained false information.

The widely-distributed guide wrongly claimed that voters would need an ID and a "registration card"  before casting a ballot.

No states require a registration card to vote, though eight states can ask voters for a government issued identification card. Poll workers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey may not ask for ID unless a voter is casting a ballot for the first time.

Urban Outfitters' misinformation was first reported by, the non-profit and non-partisan news organization.

Urban Outfitters, known for its provocative merchandise and over-the-top publicity stunts, said the errors were unintended.  On Election Day, the company deleted the tweet, updated the guide, and issued this apology: