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City fires 13 part-timers for double-dipping

Most of those fired were schoolteachers who worked part time for Parks & Recreation.

THE CITY Parks & Recreation Department has fired or accepted resignations from 13 part-time workers after an investigation found that they had violated rules against double-dipping in public employment.

Ten were schoolteachers, two were U.S. Postal Service employees and one worked for the state Attorney General's Office. All 13 lost their part-time gigs with the city as assistant recreation-center leaders, but may keep their full-time jobs.

None of the fired workers appear to be accused of holding "no-show" positions or failing to fulfill their responsibilities in both jobs.

The double-dipping rules they violated - a Home Rule Charter provision and a Civil Service regulation - help prevent workers from abusing taxpayer-funded benefits, said city Inspector General Amy Kurland, whose investigation led to the firings.

"Our city's underfunded municipal-pension system is one of the biggest challenges Philadelphia faces," Kurland said. "The dual-employment prohibition is an important tool to prevent people who already have a government job from looking to the city for a second pension."

Mayor Nutter, who appointed Kurland, applauded the move, which is part of an effort to increase enforcement of the double-dipping rules.

"Every city employee must follow the rules and be held accountable when they do not," Nutter said in a statement.

The Parks and Rec Department requested the Inspector General review, according to a news release.