The war of words between Mayor Nutter and Donald Trump continued Wednesday, with Trump calling Nutter a "low life," and the mayor describing the Republican presidential candidate as "a cartoon character."

The animosity between the two first flared Tuesday when the mayor, at a news conference, used the word a-hole to describe Trump, who has drawn fire this week for his call to ban Muslims from entering the country.

A peeved Trump took to Twitter Wednesday to say Nutter was doing a terrible job and "should be ashamed for using such a disgusting word in referring to me. Low life!"

Trump, in another tweet, called Nutter "a crude dope."

Nutter, in response, said that "rather than tweeting at me, what he needs to be doing is apologize to Muslims here in America and all over the world for his inappropriate and insulting proposal."

Nutter, who previously told reporters he would ban Trump from Philadelphia if he could, called Trump "basically a cartoon character" who is "failing the intellect threshold for what it seriously takes to be a real presidential candidate."

Both will be in New York City this weekend for the nonpartisan Pennsylvania Society's annual gathering of state politicians and others. Trump will be the special guest at the Republican State Committee's Commonwealth Club luncheon.

"I have no expectation of running into him," Nutter said. "The event people are talking about is a GOP luncheon, which I wouldn't be at anyway."