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Philly police officers on Facebook: Krasner is #notmyDA

Officer Marc Marchetti kicked off a Facebook conversation in which friends used the hashtag #notmyDA. "He doesn't give me my arrest powers so [I] don't care," he wrote of Krasner. "No blood on my hands when he lets the s-bags out."

Officer Marc Marchetti’s Facebook thread.
Officer Marc Marchetti’s Facebook thread.Read moreFacebook

Critics of the campaign run by District Attorney-elect Larry Krasner have expressed concerns over how the civil rights lawyer who made a career of suing the Police Department will now create a working relationship with current prosecutors and Philadelphia police.

On Facebook, some police officers have made clear where they stand on the matter.

Officer Marc Marchetti, who changed his profile photo to Krasner's on Wednesday, began a conversation in which friends used the hashtag #notmyDA and described Krasner in profane terms.

As for Marchetti, he wrote, "He doesn't give me my arrest powers so [I] don't care. No blood on my hands when he lets the s–bags out."

Another officer, Bob Condart, responded with an image of the logo of the District Attorney's Office flipped upside-down, a move that is considered a symbol of distress.

Also on the page, Officer John Graziano called Krasner a "creepo scumbag." And Officer Steve Mancuso wrote: "He's got that look on his face you just wanna wipe off with a bitch slap." (Mancuso has been accused of such rough handling, in a "violent takedown" of an Eagles fan during a game; the case was settled out of court.)

Another commenter wrote, "Hitler could run for DA or Mayor on the Democratic ticket and win."

Then Marchetti's partner, Kevin Klein, posted a video of Marchetti prank-calling the law office of Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo to congratulate Krasner on his win. The video shows a close-up of Marchetti calling the office — which is not connected to the DA-elect — and asking a confused receptionist if Krasner was available. The video, which looked as if it was made inside a police facility, was removed or made private after contacted Klein requesting comment. Klein referred questions to police Internal Affairs.

The other officers did not respond to messages requesting comment. Philadelphia police said they were not familiar with the posts but did confirm those names matched those of officers on the force. In response to an inquiry about what the posts might suggest for the future of the two departments, a spokesman said in an email: "The relationship between the Police Department and District Attorney's Office going forward will be the exact same as it has always been."

Elsewhere on Facebook, the #notmyDA hashtag was picked up by former bail commissioner Tim O'Brien.

Ben Waxman, a spokesman for Krasner, said that the officers' comments were not reflective of the DA-elect's relationship with the city's police department.

"Larry has said repeatedly that he is excited to work with the good officers of the Philadelphia Police Department, which he believes are the overwhelmingly majority," Waxman said in an email. "He already works closely with many in the department, including Commissioner Ross and the previous two commissioners. Larry also benefited during the campaign from the endorsement of the Guardian Civic League, an organization of African American police officers. He looks forward to working with the PPD and other law enforcement agencies to ensure the fair application of justice for all people."