The leader of a local grassroots pro-Bernie Sanders organization said his group has gotten city permits for four demonstration areas in South Philadelphia's Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park during the Democratic National Convention next month.

Billy Taylor, the executive director of, said he is offering the use of as many as three of the zones to the national Sanders organization.

During a news conference in the park Saturday, Taylor, 31, a landscaper and political activist, also invited other organizations and interest groups to apply to to use its permitted space.

"We're calling out to all local, grassroots [groups] and asking them to reach out to us," Taylor said.

However, in the expansive spirit of many of Sanders' supporters, hungry for reform and fed up with the status quo, Taylor said the areas will be "free-speech zones," and "anyone with a bullhorn" will be welcome.

Taylor praised city officials, saying they have offered amenities such as water and medical assistance, as well as police support.

The leader, before the briefing, said the group has gotten city permission to gather during some of the days of the convention at two Center City locations.

A City Hall spokeswoman was able to confirm the four FDR Park permits and one of the Center City permits.

Taylor also said he hopes to get permission for tent camping permits in the city and hopes for "thousands" of people.

His message: To "tell everyone in the United States who's a Bernie supporter, 'Get to Philly.' "

Taylor and some of his group members, like many in Sanders' camp, expressed disaffection with Democratic Party leadership, a strong desire for political change in the nation, and a belief in the power of Sanders' supporters to make it happen.

In an echo of the decades of their candidate's youth, the news conference was momentarily paused to quiet a supporter who shouted, "Revolution!"

Later, Taylor said his group's intent is peaceful, but vowed: "There will be a political revolution in Philadelphia come July."