Add another independent expenditure (IE) group to the mix in the final week of the Democratic primary campaign for mayor of Philadelphia.

A new nonprofit, Leadership Matters Inc., is expected to start airing commercials Wednesday.

Former City Councilman James F. Kenney, the front-runner in Tuesday's election, appears to be the group's target.

The group was registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State last week by Chris Lapetina, a Democratic political consultant with a firm in Washington.

Its stated purpose: "Advocacy, education, recruitment, training and accountability for leaders of, for and from underrepresented communities, and other legal purposes."

In other words: It can say just about anything.

Lapetina was coy when asked whether Kenney was the target of the new ads.

"As far as what we're doing strategically, I'm going to let that play out," he said. "We're trying to educate people about what's going on in Philadelphia."

Kenney has been supported by two IE groups funded by unions that raised a combined $2.3 million in 2015.

Asked whether the new ad will hit Kenney for that support, Lapetina said: "We're going to tell the truth."

A media buyer keeping close tabs on the race said Leadership Matters put down $76,800 for broadcast TV commercials in the final week.

At that rate, it will be difficult to stand out.

American Cities, another IE group, has committed $900,000 for TV ads in the final week. That group, which supports State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams' bid, received $6.6 million this year from the three founders of Susquehanna International Group, a Main Line stock trading firm.

The new group may also spark a little cross-partisan political confusion with another political organization. Leadership Matters for America PAC was registered in January as an IE group to assist Gov. Christie if he enters the 2016 Republican primary for president.

Lapetina has worked in the past for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Local 107 of that union in Philadelphia endorsed Williams.

Bill Hamilton, Local 107's president, said he is not involved in the new IE group.