In his second 900AM-WURD interview, Nelson Diaz discussed his plan for funding schools, public safety, and how to get more local residents involved with taxpayer-funded projects.

Speaking with host Solomon Jones, Diaz said how he is "a part of trying to bring about civil rights and civil opportunities for people," citing educating as the reason he got involved in running for mayor.

"Education, in my opinion, is a civil right,"  he said. "We can do what's right for our kids if we put our mind and our efforts to it." (Listen for that quote at the 14:24 mark.)

In regards to public safety, Diaz has advocated a civilian review board with subpoena power and will work to make it happen if elected. "That means we have a great power base in which we will make sure there's oversight of the police," he said. "We have to make the police a part of the community."

When asked how he would get African Americans and Latinos involved with the building trades and tax-payer funded projects, Diaz said that such a requirement to employ residents should be written into contracts and that extra points be given for adhering to this provision.

To hear more on Diaz's response to Latino organization LUPE's endorsement of Jim Kenney and what he would do regarding gentrification, listen here.

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